Pop Up Engagement Events

On Saturday July 14, the project team hosted a booth for Dog Days in Drexel Town Square! We had the opportunity to meet hundreds of residents and visitors and learn about what they value today and for the future of Abendschein Park. 

You may have also seen us at the Scholastic Summer Reading Road Trip or at the Drexel Town Square Splash Pad where we met with families from across to understand their needs for the park!

You can view the materials from the pop-up by following the link below or check out a few photos from the event.   

07.14.18 Pop-Up Materials
Community Survey Results

Earlier this summer, the project team launched an online community survey to identify priorities for Abendschein Park. The survey received over 100 responses! 

Some key features survey participants would like to see in the park include:

  • Outdoor pool/splash pad

  • Restroom facilities

  • Beer garden

View the survey results by following the link below.

07.26.18 Full Survey Results
Park Analysis Diagrams​


In addition to working with the public, the project team analyzed existing conditions of Abendschein Park. The team was interested in understanding existing programming, facilities, topography, and water/wetlands. This information helps determine where and which future park amenities are possible for the site. 

View the analysis diagrams by following the link below.

06.20.18 Park Analysis Diagrams
Concept Boards

View the draft concept boards by following the link below. 

09.17.18 Draft Concept Boards
11.06.18 Draft Master Plan Concept Boards
Master Plan Boards

View the draft master plan boards by following the link below. These boards incorporated feedback collected through the pop-up engagement, online survey, and participation in open house 1. A new beer garden was an important park element for many community members, shown in a separate concept below. View the boards and learn more at the open house on November 7, 2018. 

11.07.18 Beer Garden Concept Boards
11.07.18 Open House Powerpoint Presentation

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